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Newsletter Physik

August 2019

Hajime Asahi, Yoshiji Horikoshi (ed.)

Molecular Beam Epitaxy

Wiley, 2019, 512 S., Geb., EUR 209,00

Written by expert researchers working on the frontlines of the field, this book covers fundamentals of Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) technology and science, as well as state-of-the-art MBE technology for electronic and optoelectronic device applications. ...

Mohammad A. Alim

Immittance Spectroscopy

Wiley , 2019, 426 PP., Geb., EUR 179,00

This book emphasizes the use of four complex plane formalisms (impedance, admittance, complex capacitance, and modulus) in a simultaneous fashion. The purpose of employing these complex planes for handling semicircular relaxation using a single set ...

Salma Alrasheed

Principles of Mechanics

Springer, 2019, 173 S., Geb., EUR 53,49

This open access textbook takes the reader step-by-step through the concepts of mechanics in a clear and detailed manner. Mechanics is considered to be the core of physics, where a deep understanding of the concepts ...

Ashim Kumar Bain

Crystal Optics

Wiley, 2019, 499 S., Geb., EUR 159,00

Reviews the properties and applications of photo-elastic, acousto-optic, magneto-optic, electro-optic, and photorefractive materials This book deals with the basic physical properties and applications of photo-elastic, acousto-optic, magneto-optic, electro-optic, and photorefractive materials. It also provides up-to-date ...

Tamalika Banerjee

Oxide Spintronics

Pan Stanford, 2019, 306 S., Geb., GBP 115,99

Oxide materials have been used in mainstream semiconductor technology for several decades and have served as important components, such as gate insulators or capacitors, in integrated circuits. However, in recent decades, this material class has ...

Dagmar Bruß, Gerd Leuchs (ed.)

Quantum Information, 2 Teile

Wiley, 2.Auflage 2019, 952 S., Geb., EUR 299,00

Quantum information processing, a vibrant field of research at the intersection of physics, mathematics and computer science, has seen tremendous progress over the last couple of years, both with respect to the experimental realization of ...

David Carroll

Foundations of Solid State Physics

Wiley, 2019, 574 S., Geb., EUR 109,00

An essential guide to solid state physics through the lens of dimensionality and symmetry Foundations of Solid State Physics introduces the essential topics of solid state physics as taught globally with a focus on understanding ...

Jean Dalibard

The Quantum Mechanics Solver

How to Apply Quantum Theory to Modern Physics

Springer, 3. Aufl. 2019, 352 S., Geb., EUR 74,89

Motivates students by challenging them with real-life applications of the somtimes esoteric aspects of quantum mechanics that they are learning. Offers completely original excerices developed at teh Ecole Polytechnique in France, which is know for ...

Gerhard Ecker

Particles, Fields, Quanta

Springer, 2019, 144 S., Kt., EUR 53,49

This book provides an introduction to the current state of our knowledge about the structure of matter. Gerhard Ecker describes the development of modern physics from the beginning of the quantum age to the standard ...

Hans-Peter Professor Eckle

Models of Quantum Matter

A First Course on Integrability and the Bethe Ansatz

Oxford University Press, 2019, 736 S., Geb., GBP 65,00

The book introduces tools with which models of quantum matter are built. The most important technique, the Bethe ansatz, is developed in detail to perform exact calculations of the physical properties of quantum matter. ...

Gerald Gerlach, Ulrich Guth, Wolfram Oelßner

Carbon Dioxide Sensing

Wiley, 2019, Geb., EUR 149,00

The book provides the reader with a profound knowledge of basic principles, properties and preferred applications of diverse kinds of CO2 measurement. It shows the advantages, disadvantages and limitations of several methods and gives a ...

Joachim Heintze

Lehrbuch zur Experimentalphysik

Springer, 2019, 269 S., Kt., EUR 34,99

Dieses Buch ist der fünfte und letzte Band der lange erwarteten Ausarbeitung der überaus beliebten Vorlesungen von Joachim Heintze. Dieser Band beschäftigt sich mit denjenigen Phänomenen, bei denen der Welle-Teilchen-Dualismus zu Tage tritt und die ...

Keigo Iizuka

Engineering Optics

Springer, 4. Aufl. 2019, 738 S., Geb., EUR 106,99

This book is for students who want to apply their knowledge of optics to engineering problems, as well as for engineering students who want to acquire the basic principles of optics. There are practical examples, ...

Peter Jenni (ed.)

Atlas: A 25-year Insider Story Of The Lhc Experiment

World Scientific Publishing, 2019, 372 S., Geb., USD 58,00

This book is written by the ATLAS Collaboration at CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC), to document and reflect on its more than 25 years of history. It covers all aspects of this global science project ...

John D. Joannopoulos

Quantum Theory of Materials

Cambridge University Press, 2019, 560 S., Geb., GBP 64,99

This accessible new text introduces the theoretical concepts and tools essential for graduate courses on the physics of materials. A range of traditional and modern topics are covered, with applications, exercises, color illustrations, online slides ...

Vladimir Kozhevnikov

Thermodynamics of Magnetizing Materials and Superconductors

CRC Press, 2019, 133 S., Geb., GBP 50,00

This book will help readers understand thermodynamic properties caused by magnetic fields. Providing a concise review of time independent magnetic fields, it goes on to discuss the thermodynamic properties of magnetizing materials of different shapes, ...

Andrew J.Larkoski

Elementary Particle Physics

Cambridge University Press, 2019, 506 S., Geb., GBP 64,99

An up-to-date introduction to the fundamentals of particle physics for advanced undergraduate students. Key topics are accompanied by extensive examples drawn from contemporary experimental results, practice problems based on real datasets, and intuitive explorations of ...

Huixia Luo (ed.)

Advanced Topological Insulators

Wiley, 2019, 420 S., Geb., EUR 209,00

This book is the first pedagogical synthesis of the field of topological insulators and superconductors, one of the most exciting areas of research in condensed matter physics. Presenting the latest developments, while providing all the ...

Zhenqiang Ma, Dong Liu (ed.)

Inorganic Flexible Optoelectronics

Wiley, 2019, Geb., EUR 119,00

Comprehensively covering inorganic flexible optoelectronics and their applications This highly application-oriented book provides an overview of the vibrant research field of inorganic flexible optoelectronics ? from materials to applications ? covering bulk materials as well ...

Zdenek Martinec

Principles of Continuum Mechanics

Springer, 2019, 247 S., Kt., EUR 40,65

This book addresses the basic concepts of continuum mechanics, that is, the classical field theory of deformable bodies. The theory is systematically developed, from the kinematics to the balance equations, the material theory, and the ...

Jerome Mertz

Introduction to Optical Microscopy

Cambridge University Press, 2 Auflage, 526 S., Geb., GBP 74,99

This self-contained new edition introduces the theory and practice of a range of classical and modern optical microscopy techniques. With two brand new chapters, it is ideal for graduate students in electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, ...

Nina Niebuhr, Jeanette Jansen, Kath Spindeldreier

Physik studiert - und dann?

Springer, 2019, 213 S., Kt., EUR 27,99

Du studierst Physik oder willst Physik studieren? Du findest Physik spannend, kannst dir aber noch nicht so ganz vorstellen, welche Berufswege man damit später einschlagen kann? Dieses Buch gibt dir einen Einblick in die Welt ...

Alan Owens

Semiconductor Radiation Detectors

CRC Press, 2019, 494 S., Geb., GBP 185,00

Bringing together material scattered across many disciplines, Semiconductor Radiation Detectors provides readers with a consolidated source of information on the properties of a wide range of semiconductors; their growth, characterization and the fabrication of radiation ...

Michael E. Peskin

Concepts of Elementary Particle Physics

Oxford University Press, 2019, 400 S., Kt., GBP 29,99

This particle physics textbook for senior undergraduates and early graduates explains the Standard Model of particle physics, both the theory and its experimental basis. The point of view is thoroughly modern. Theory relevant to the ...

Richard Rennie, Jonathan Law (ed.)

A Dictionary of Physics

Oxford University Press, 8. Aufl. 2019, 704 S., Kt., GBP 12,99

Now with over 4,000 entries, 125 of which are new, the eighth edition of this popular dictionary has been fully updated to reflect progress in physics and related fields, with particular expansion to the areas ...

Oliver Schwehm (Regie)

Fly, Rocket, Fly!, 2 DVD

90 Min.

EuroVideo Medien, 2019,, DVD., EUR 19,99

Einmal nach den Sternen greifen - ein Traum? Lutz Kayser versuchte diesen in den 70er Jahren zu verwirklichen. Mit seiner Firma OTRAG baute er in Zaire einen privaten Weltraumflughafen. Er entwickelte eine neue Raketentechnik, mit ...

Pei Song

Nonlinear-Emission Photonic Glass Fiber and Waveguide Devices

Cambridge University Press, 2019, 240 S., Geb., GBP 110,00

Present a comprehensive introduction to the design of compact and broadband fiber and waveguide devices using active-ion-doped photonic glasses. Covering the state-of-the-art in the field, new applications, and mathematical modeling, it is ideal for researchers, ...

David B. Tanner

Optical Effects in Solids

Cambridge University Press, 2019, 410 S., Geb., GBP 64,99

An overview of the optical effects in solids, addressing the physics of various materials and their response to electromagnetic radiation. Enabling the reader to connect measurements with the underlying physics of solids, it is an ...

Peter Toeroek

Imaging Optics

Cambridge University Press, 2019, 984 S., Geb., GBP 79,99

This comprehensive and self-contained text employs ray-based, scalar and vector wave propagation methods to examine optical image formation. Focusing on the theory of optical imaging, the book discusses the design and specifications of imaging systems ...

Carsten A. Ullrich

Time-Dependent Density-Functional Theory

Oxford University Press, 2019, 536 S., Kt., GBP 34,99

Time-dependent density-functional theory (TDDFT) is a quantum mechanical approach for the dynamical properties of electrons in matter. It's widely used in (bio)chemistry and physics to calculate molecular excitation energies and optical properties of materials. This ...

David Young


Wiley, 11.Auflage 2019, 1008 S., Kt., EUR 55,99

Physics, 11th Edition provides students with the skills that they need to succeed in this course, by focusing on conceptual understanding; problem solving; and providing real-world applications and relevance. Conceptual Examples, Concepts and Calculations problems, ...

Cornelia Denz, Deborah Duchardt, Andrea Bossmann (ed.)

Vielfältige Physik

Wissenschaftlerinnen schreiben über ihre Forschung

Springer, 2019, 368 S., Kt., EUR 29,99

Physik ist spannend, faszinierend - und vielfältig! In diesem Buch begeistern Sie mehr als 30 Wissenschaftlerinnen für die Physik. Sie geben überraschende Einblicke in ihre aktuelle Forschung, erklären anschaulich komplexe Sachverhalte und stellen neu entdeckte ...